Effect of Nelumbo Nucifera fruit on depression and associated comorbidities

Recently uses of herbal therapies and diet rich in flavonoids and vitamins have increased significantly to treat various forms of depression. Hence present study was designed to conduct antidepressant activity of the ethanol extract of Nelumbo nucifera fruit (NNF) in order to ascertain its therapeutic potential. The antidepressant effect was assessed by forced swimming test (FST) using 35 male albino mice weighing 20â??25 g, equally divided in to 5 groups. In FST highly noteworthy decline in duration of immobility was recorded at doses 100 and 200 mg/kg on 15th day i.e. after administration of 14 doses of NNF as compared to control; whereas same doses demonstrated significant decrease as compared to control in duration of immobility after single dose administration i.e. on 2nd day of experiment. Thus NNF have exhibited strong antidepressant effect and proved to have a great potential for therapeutic applications such as depression and comorbidities associated with depression because of the presence of many significant secondary metabolites in it such as flavonoids and vitamins (immune boosters) and thus encourage more preclinical and clinical trials in this field.
Author(s): Muhammad Ali Rajput

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