Effect of methanolic extract of Hedera nepalensis K. Koch on reproductive system of male rats: A histological and biochemical study

Statement Background: Traditionally, herbal medicines havelong been practiced worldwide to prevent different diseases forcenturies. Hedera nepalensis is a genus of flowering plant usedagainst diabetes, fever, pulmonary infections and rheumatism.It is also used as antifertility agent in men in different regionsof the world. However, the knowledge about antifertility potentialof the plant is unknown. Purpose: This study was designedto evaluate effects of methanolic leaf extract of Hederanepalensis K. Koch on reproductive system of male rats. Studydesign: For this, in vitro experimental approach was used tosee direct effect of different concentrations of plant extract ontesticular antioxidant status, testosterone secretion and spermDNA integrity. In sub chronic experiment, rats were exposedto different doses of plant extract for twenty eight days. Methods:Fertility test, Sperm DNA integrity, biochemical parameters(catalase, superoxidase dismutase, peroxidase, ROS andTBARS) and plasma hormonal concentrations (testosterone,LH and FSH) were evaluated. In addition, histology of testicularand epididymal (caput and cauda) tissues was performed.

Author(s): Mehwish David

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