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Editorial Note for Atmospheric micro plastics

A Microplastic is not among the type of plastics but is a plastic particle or fragment ranging from size 5mm to 100nm in size. According to the latest definition it is defined as per the standard international unit (SI) nomenclature as the plastic particle ranging from 5mm to 1micrometre.
Nanoplastics are defined as the plastic fragments smaller than 1micrometre.Microplastics are generally classified into two main types i.e., primary microplastics and secondary microplastics. Primary microplastics are produced intentionally (for example production of microbeads). Secondary microplastics are the ones that are produced unintentionally. They are created by degradation and fragmentation of macroplastics that includes synthetic fibres from textile industries.
Microplastics are ubiquitous and are found in diver

Author(s): Neha H

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