Diabetes risk score among young adult students


Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease which is growing at worrying rate in developing country like Nepal. . It is prevalent in children, adolescent and young adults due to increase in risk factors such as over feeding, physical inactivity, obesity. Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess diabetes risk score among young individuals.

Methods: Across sectional study was conducted among students of age group (18to 25 years) studying at Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences and Central Institute of Science and Technology. All the socio-demographic data, anthropometric measurements, lifestyle and dietary habits were recorded by using standard questionnaire. Fasting plasma glucose and lipid profile were estimated by using standard manufactthe urer’s guideline. Then the Diabetes risk score was calculated by The Finnish Diabetes Risk Score (FINDRISC tool). Association between cardio-metabolic risk factors and diabetes risk score was established by ANOVA test.

Results: Among total 825 students, 739 (89.6%) were recruited for the study with complete questionnaire, anthropometric measurement and fasting blood sample. Median age of the study population was 20 years. Among total study population, 553 (74.80%) were under low risk (FINDRISC<7), 164 (22.18%) were at slightly elevated risk (FINDRISC 7-11), 15 (2.02%) were at moderate risk (FINDRISC 12-14) and 7 (1.01%) were at high risk of diabetes. BMI, TC and LDL-C were higher at significant level (p<0.001) with increasing diabetes risk score in our study population.

Conclusion: Risk factors for diabetes were common among young adults. Early assessment of diabetes risk in young may provide insights for preventive and control plan for risk population.

Author(s): Manisha Sapkota1, Alaska Timilsina1, Mudita Shakya1, Tika Bahadur Thapa1, Sneha Shrestha1, Sushant Pokhrel1, Nischal Devkota2, Bashu Dev Pardhe1

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