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Daily healthy lifestyle that protects children, teenagers, adults from communicable and non-communicable diseases

Visit Triple M (3M) project published free at the web, google play & app store and collect your gift and enjoy practicing how to live a daily healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature, pleasing your immune system, satisfying your nutrition requirements beginning from sunrise to good night with enough sleep blessed by the moon light. TRIPLE M (3M) is a smart health and nutrition awareness project. It is an abbreviation for Mood, Meals and Movement. It aims to inform and train individuals at various ages the competency of planning Mood, Meals and Movement as Healthy Lifestyle. TRIPLE M (3M) project is patent. It was launched as "Advocacy" through The World Health Organization WHO - EMRO during a reginal workshop for 22 countries from East Mediterranean region. It provides ten tools called "TRIPLE M (3M) planning interactive boards" designed to show the daily nutrition requirements of individuals from 9 years old to more than 51 years according to the international standards based on age, gender and physical activity

Author(s): Basima Abbas Hajj

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