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Dysfunctions of the T.M.J. are part of the cranio mandibular dysfunctions.
It is a common mistake to speak of alterations of the T.M.J. as an isolated pathology, without knowing that the temporomandibular
joint is part of a complex system, CRANIO MANDIBULAR SYSTEM.
The dysfunctions of this system commonly alter the static posture of our body, facilitating the appearance of neuromusculoskeletal
Therefore, it is very important to understand the holistic diagnosis of the problem, as well as its interdisciplinary therapy.
The M.P.R. Postural Myofunctional Rehabilitation, addresses an interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of the problem, with
teamwork from the different health sciences.
It is therefore very important in orthopedic therapy to understand this type of teamwork, where the Deprogramming of the
CRANIO FACIAL SYSTEM is essential to obtain a functional rehabilitation of the organism.
In this presentation I will show the Diangostic and Therapeutic point of view of the M.P.R. addressing the functional
deprogramming of the CRANIO FACIAL SYSTEM, which will allow all the specialties of physical rehabilitation, to obtain fast,
functional and lasting results.

Author(s): Prof Dr Silverio Di Rocca

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