Corpulence and Male Infertility in The Dukagjin Region in Republic of Kosovo

In this paper will be considered the causes that can cause overweight in men, and the turmoil of hormone creation from endocrine organs, just as the impact of stoutness in barrenness. Motivation behind the work, it is to decide the level of male fruitlessness by overweight men. The work was done in the locale of Peja, in the Republic of Kosovo. Materials and techniques, the examining was done in March 2015-March 2017 in the Biolab-Zafi endocrinology lab in Peja, Republic of Kosovo. Our outcomes show a critical increment in male barrenness rates with BMI 29.97 ± 3.22, contrasted and men with BMI 23.52 ± 2.0 (p<0.00001). We additionally found a huge increment in working gathering rates with FSH 7.99 ± 8.21, contrasted with control bunch FSH 4.72 ± 2.63 (p<0.008). We additionally found a critical increment in working gathering rates with LH 5.06 ± 2.74, contrasted with control bunch LH 3.79 ± 1.99 (p<0.002). We additionally found a huge increment in working gathering rates with Prolactin 17.37 ± 7.66, contrasted with control bunch Prolacitn 13.05 ± 4.8 (p<0.00004). We likewise found a huge increment in working gathering rates with Testosterone 4.16 ± 1.88, contrasted with control bunch Testosterone 5.79 ± 1.48 (p<0.005). End, the outcomes from this examination show that corpulence in our nation, the Republic of Kosovo, is a developing issue in the improvement of general wellbeing, and is a significant hazard factor for the presence of male fruitlessness. The impacts of BMI development will in general increment the danger of DNA harm in discharges, increment in hormone levels (FSH, LH, prolactin, testosterone), decline sperm boundaries (decline in number, decline in development), oxidative pressure, Risk of hypertension, cardiovascular issues, diabetes and other ceaseless issues.

Author(s): Afrim Zeqiraj

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