Composite Nanoparticles and Coated With Hydrogel to Slow Drug Delivery of Cyclophosphamide Test it Against Breast Cancer Cell Lines (GJE, MCF7)

Introduction & Objective: Magnetic nanoparticles have found many applications because of their characteristics such as large surface area, small volume and simple separation with external magnetic field. These characteristics are very critical for drug delivery. In the current study, magnetic nanoparticles of iron oxide have been used as the central core of PAMAM dendrimer. The aim of current study was to evaluate the cytotoxic effects of this dandrimer on cancerous cell lines.

Materials and methods: magnetic nanoparticles were synthesized through the co-precipitation method and its size was measured by an electron microscope. following, NH2 @ methyl acrylate + ethylintiamine groups were added as branches and hydroxyl group with the negative charge was placed on the end terminus of the dendrimer branchs. The size of the synthesized dendrimer was measured by SEM. In order to investigate the accuracy of the steric bond reaction between the ethylene diamine and methyl acrylate functional groups, a FTIR infrared absorption spectrometer was used to investigate the absorption peak in a range of 1720-1720 nm. In order to release the drug continuously, after loading the methyl Prednisolone drug onto a synthesized nano dendrimer, the entire collection was coated with chitosan quaternary derivative. The absorption spectrum of Prednisolone was measured at 284 nm wavelength (which is the maximum absorption peak) by the UV-visible light absorption device, and the amount of drug release was detected within 24 hours. Finally, the fatal effect of this nano-particle complex on the cancerous types GEJ-MCF 7 was investigated by inverse electron microscopy and the amount of nano-particle toxicity was measured using lactate dehydrogenase Kit and ELISA.

Results: Based on the results of the electron microscope, the Fe3O4 size was in the range of 4.79 nm-6.37 nm range, which is smaller than nano-dendrimers with a range of 6.30 nm-43.67 nm. The FT-IR chart for the Methylacrylate @ Ethylendiamin esteric bond was obtained in the range of 1720 and 1730 cm -1. In this chart, the values of 600 cm-1 and 1000 cm-1 were related to Fe3O4 and Fe3O4 @ NH2, respectively. Triethyl Chitosan coated with Nanoparticle @ Drug coated with Nanoparticle @ Drug, along with trimethyl chitosan and glutaraldehyde creates a connection between TMC monomers. In this condition, glutaraldehyde helps to limit the delivery time of the drug. Also, cytotoxicity results indicated that the cell death rate in the incubated media with a complete nano-particle complex was dramatically greater than cell death rate with drug alone as well as nano-particle alone, which expresses the efficacy of the dendrimer-drug + chitosan drug complex.

Conclusion: The results indicated that the synthesized nanoparticle complex by the proposed method increased the death rates in the studied cells. In addition, a low dose application of a drug in any nanoparticle compound reduces the side effects of drug, and this method is safe for cancer treatment.

Author(s): Leila Sofi maryo1, Nahid Haghnazari2, Fatemeh Keshavarzi3, Hassen Zhaleh4, Farzad Seidi5

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