Choroid Plexus Versus Intracranial Foreign Body: Importance of a Radiologistâ??s Report

Intracranial foreign bodies are often due to penetrating missile injuries arising from gunshot, criminal assaults and industrial accidents and rarely from non-missile skull  Iatrogenic sources other than in neurosurgical  seldom occur.foreign bodies require prompt surgical Formal exposure of the brain must be assisted or guided by prior imaging to foreclose intra and concerns including  brain trauma, fatal intracranial hemorrhage or  of the central nervous system. Computed Tomography (CT) scan is an invaluable imaging tool in cases of acute brain trauma and suspected intracranial foreign body compared to plain radiography or resonance imaging. It is important that the  of the CT scan images be carried out by a Radiologist to avoid misconstruing of incongruous and which supervene in such instances. This report presents a 27 year old man with suspected intracranial foreign body following the discovery of his slumped body with open head injuries assumed to have been sustained from inappropriate from Policemen and whose CT scan imaging was wrongly interpreted.

Author(s): Charles Drani

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