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declare that it is theoretically possible to replicate I have called “cellular dust animation”. Every living thing that has ever existed
has left its genetic footprint on this earth in the form of the every extinct plant or animal that ever was by what ubiquitous
cellular dust [microzymas]. From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to The Neanderthal, from the sabre toothed tiger to the dodo-their
remains float around us, invisible to the naked eye. Years ago, Michael Crichton penned the sci-fi novel Jurassic Park. It told of
extinct animals brought to life by cloning via blood in mosquitoes entombed in amber. How primitive and cumbersome!
The Ignored Ingredient In The Miller-Urey Experiment
“There are over fifty organic compounds that are the building blocks (of life). Only two of these fifty occurred among the
preferential Miller-Urey products.” - Dr. Robert Shapiro, New York University.
That the life, wellbeing (or otherwise) and death of all living things is ultimately governed by the state and activity of the
microzymas/cellular dust thereof. There were obviously some microzymas in Miller’s contraption (if not he wouldn’t have
gotten ANY results at all). However these were obviously in a far from ideal state of coordination. I hereby call for a new
experiment to be carried out. This time, though, the microzymas will be the only ingredients. But before this experiment
is carried out the microzymas must be understood. A good step in understanding cellular dust behaviour will be to utilize
Ramanujan’s summation, which is currently being used to understand String T


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