Audit On: Melatonin Use in Paediatric Patients during Neurophysiological Procedures

Objective: After stopping usage of chloral hydrate in sedating patients prior to neurophysiological procedures, we started using Melatonin to induce sleep. It is a pilot study to evaluate its use in both inpatient and outpatient settings, we wanted to identify the best practice regarding its use for this indication; we highlighted its good effectiveness, high safety profile and palatability.
Methods: A retrospective analysis of the charts of paediatric patients whose age ranged between 0-18 years. They underwent neurophysiological procedures at the neurophysiology department, at Al-Takhassusi hospital, HMG through the period 1st June 2016 to 31st October 2017.
Results: We were successful in performing neurophysiological procedures in setting of normal sleep in about 84% of our patients. Melatonin was successful in inducing sleep in 11%.
Conclusion: The use of Melatonin is highly effective, safe and well tolerable by pediatric patients doing short neurophysiological procedures.

Author(s): Tamer Rizk, Sherelyn Adote, Shelamy Vargas, Czarina Camille

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