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A Review on Global Challenges of Pandemic Disease to Medical Educators

Students have the opportunity to apply their medical knowledge and skills for
the benefit of their professional development and the social welfare of their
community, engaging in different roles according to the level of expertise achieved
in the training process. “We are currently experiencing a transcendental moment in
clinical education because, in addition to the uncertainty that the medical student
typically faces during an educational procedure, he or she has to face the fear
of contagion and disease during the health contingency for COVID-19. The novel
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020 has had profound impacts on medical
education, both domestic and abroad. In this consensus paper from the American
College of Academic International Medicine, we systematically discuss the impact
of the pandemic both immediately and long term on international medical
education, bedside teaching, procedural teaching, didactics and curriculum,
accreditation, and mental health of medical teachers and learners. We discuss
some strategies that have been implemented to mitigate the negative impact of
the pandemic while providing reasons for hope in the future.

Author(s): Dalavi Nilam

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