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A Recent Advances in Nutrition of Preterm Neonates

Aim: To highlight Recent Advances in Nutrition of Preterm Infants

Objective: Outcomes in neonatology has improved dramatically in the last 3 decades. Improved survival- associated with increasing short term The reasons why nutrition is important are short term and long term benefits. The short term benefits are Protection from infection Avoidance of metabolic bone diseaseTrend towards lesser ROP and Early discharge. The long term effects are Subsequent Growth Abnormal neurological outcome and Adult onset obesity, CAD, stroke. There are challenges in meeting their nutrion due to the fact that they are born with limited nutritional reserve – 200-400 kCal, Immature metabolic pathways – glucose/ protein, increased nutrient demands – sickness, insensible losses, catabolismand that makes them susceptible for more risk of medical and surgical problems. We will take up in details the Goals of nutrition, What, how and when to feed, Assessment of feeding intolerance and Fortification. Principles of optimum feeding are Reaching full enteral feeds at the earliest,avoidance of sepsis, vascular catheter related complications, providing optimal macro and micronutrients and avoiding the adverse effects of rapid feeding.

Author(s): Monika kaushal

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