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2012: Volume 3, Issue 5
Food borne Salmonellosis Isolation and Molecular Typing in Eggs and Environmental Samples by Cultural and PCR Methods
Author(s): Ramya Putturu*, Krishnaiah Nelapati, Tirupatireddy Eevuri, Bindukiranmayi Chinnam,, Madhava R. Thirtham
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2016: Special Issue on New Advances in Mathematics (NCNAM-16)
First Axisymmetric Problem of Micropolar Elasticity with Voids
Author(s): Navneet Rana
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2012: Volume 3, Issue 4
Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (2141-2150)
Chemical reaction effects on mhd unsteady free convective walter’s memory flow with constant suction and heat sink
Author(s): D. Vijaya Sekhar and G. Viswanadh Reddy
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2016: Volume 2, Issue 1
A Four Years Record Review of Tetanus Cases Admitted to Jimma University Specialized Hospital (JUSH), Southwest Ethiopia: A Slip of Tetanus Case Management?
Author(s): Assegid Sahilu, Ismael Kedir, Yemane Ayele
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2014: Volume 5, Issue 1
Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (77-83)
An observation on odonata (damselflies and dragonflies) fauna of Manchabandha reserve forest, Baripada, Odisha
Author(s): Gaurab Jyoti Kalita, Bitupan Boruah and Gaurab Nandi Das
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2017: Volume 3, Issue 1
Research Article: J Eye Cataract Surg (16)
Impact of Cataract Surgical Services in Ogun State, Nigeria
Author(s): Tayo J Bogunjoko, Adekunle O Hassan, BGK Ajayi, Olufemi Oderinlo, Ogugua Okonkwo, Abimbola Ashaye,Toyin Akanbi, Steve Mukiri, Ayo Akinye, Ejike Egbu
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Case Report: J Rare Disord Diagn Ther (3)
Cyclic Pamidronate Treatment in Two Korean Boys with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I Caused by COL1A1 Mutations
Author(s): Jinkyung Kong, Ah Young Seo, Sung Yoon Cho, Dong-Kyu Jin and Heon-Seok Han
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2012: Volume 3, Issue 6
Research Article: Eur J Exp Bio 3: (469-475)
Study of fixed regression model and estimation of enetic parameters of Zandi sheep using random regression model
Author(s): Somayeh Samadi, Behzad Hemati, Abolghasem Lavaph, Fatemeh Samadi and Mehdi Mohammadi
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Involvement of PVL Producing MRSA in Pneumonia, Cairo, Egypt
Author(s): Zeinab Helal, Sahar Radwan, Wafa El-Tayeb
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Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (3890-3901)
Thermo-Diffusion and Diffusion-Thermo Effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow past an Exponential Stretching Sheet with Thermal Radiation and Viscous Dissipation
Author(s): P. Sreenivasulu and N. Bhaskar Reddy
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2016: Volume 10, Issue 4
Research Article: (4-8)
Evaluation of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Valenciennes, 1844) Mortality Rate in the Face of Lethal Concentrations of Commercial Gasoline
Author(s): Aliakbar Hedayati*, Fatemeh Darabitabar, Fardin Shaluei, Zahra Ghaffari and Alireza Kashiri
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2014: Volume 4, Issue 1
Research Article: Eur J Exp Bio 4 (387-390)
The relationship between early maladaptive schemas in disturbed restrictions areas and slip in the men abusing drug who are under methadone-maintaince treatment
Author(s): Elahe Mozaffari, Fateme Taghva and Mohamad Khaledian
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Research Article: Int J Appl Sci Res Rev (2)
Effects of Bromacil, Malathion and Thiabendazole on Cyanobacteria Mat Growth
Author(s): Yasser El-Nahhal and Shireen El-Hams
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2015: Volume 1, Issue 3
Research Article: J Clin Exp Nephrol (15)
The Effects of Aquatic Exercise on Functional Capacity and Health-Related Quality of Life in Hemodialysis Patients
Author(s): Samara Anastasia, Kouidi Evangelia, Fountoulakis Konstantinos, Alexiou Serafeim, Deligiannis Asterios
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Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis (XGPN) Presenting as Renal Lump in Infant: Rare Presentation
Author(s): Rahul Ghule, Ram Daga, Jaydeep Date, Sujit Joshi, Subodh Shivde
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Editorial: J Headache Pain Manag (23)
Migraine in Childhood and Adolescence: What is the Possible Role of Emotions and Relationships?
Author(s): Umberto Balottin and Silvia Molteni
2011: Volume 2, Issue 3
Research Article: Eur J Exp Bio 2: (752-755)
Comparison of perceptual motor skills of first and third elementary girls in urban and rural areas
Author(s): Sonia Esmaeelzadeh, Ghasem Elyasi and Mir Hamid Salehian
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Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (186-190)
Environmental radioactivity: A case study of Punjab, India
Author(s): Navjeet Sharma, Rajesh Sharma and H. S. Virk
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Research Paper: Cell Mol Med (11)
Selective HDAC6 Inhibition Corrects Aberrant B Cell Development in the Bone Marrow of NZB/W F1 Mice
Author(s): Miranda D Vieson, Xin M Luo, Song Li, Alexander M Gojmerac, Adrian Castaneda and Christopher M Reilly
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Review Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (334-345)
Classification and Rule Extraction using Rough Set for Diagnosis of Liver Disease and its Types
Author(s): S. Karthik, A. Priyadarishini, J. Anuradha and B. K. Tripathy
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2017: Volume 11, Issue 1
Research Article: Health Sci J
Premarital Sexual Practices, Consequences and Associated Factors among Regular Undergraduate Female Students in Ambo University, Oromia Regional State, Central Ethiopia, 2015
Author(s): Bayisa Abdissa, Mesfin Addisie and Wubareg Seifu
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2016: Volume 3, Issue 3
Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (1463-1465)
The effect of surface modification on the water absorption behavior of coir fibers
Author(s): The use of natural fibres to make low cost and ecofriendly composite materials is a subject of great importance.Natural fibres composites have the advantages of low density, low cost and biodegradability. Plant based fibres have some problems that cause adverse effect on composite properties. Plant based fibres are lignocellulosic in nature. The lignocellulosic fibres are hydrophilic and absorb moisture. There is a large amount of hydrogen bonds (hydroxyl group -OH) present between the macromolecules in the plant fibre cell wall. When moisture from atmosphere comes in contact with the fibre, the hydrogen bond breaks and hydroxyl groups form new hydrogen bonds with water molecules. The cross-section of the fibre becomes the main access to the penetrating water. This causes weak bonding between fibre and matrix and leads to poor mechanical properties of plant fibre. The water absorption characteristics of treated coconut coir were studied by immersion in distilled water at room temperature and at 50oC.In this paper the influence of some treatments like alkali treatment, acetylation, permanganate treatment and heat treatment on the moisture absorption tendency of coconut coir fiber has been investigated. The result showed that these chemical treatments have successfully modified the structure of coconut coir and also reduces water absorption tendency of coconut coir.
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Commentary: Health Syst Policy Res (42)
Where is Australia Headed?
Author(s): David Penington
2012: Volume 3, Issue 2
Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (809-814)
Whole cell based miniaturized fiber optic biosensor to monitor L-asparagine
Author(s): Neelam Verma, Monika Bansal and Sachin Kumar
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2015: Volume 7, Issue 3
New Generation of Silver Nanoparticles against Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Producing Organisms
Author(s): Bindu D, Mythili C, Mythili S, Inthira KS, Palanisamy R, Lingesh Kumar T and Thandapani S
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2011: Volume 1, Issue 4
Research Article: Eur J Exp Bio 1: (189-201)
Sustainable Dietary Supplements: An Analytical Study of African Yam Bean-Sphenostylis Sternocarpa and Corn-Zea Maiz
Author(s): Ajayi A.O
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2017: Volume 1, Issue 1
Research Article: IPJRM (1/1-7)
Some Pathophysiological Aspect of Urinary Markers of Yeast Overgrowth Enzymes in Untreated Seronegative Arthropathies Patients and Laboratory Evaluation for Integrative and Functional Medicine
Author(s): Dejan Spasovski
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Review Article: Insights Enzyme Res 2017, 1:5 (5)
Cholesterol oxidase: Source, properties and applications
Author(s): Sunita Devi and Shamsher S Kanwar
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2014: In-vitro Investigation on Antimicrobial Activity of Gloriosa superba Linn Tubers Against Major Food Borne Pathogens
Research Article: Am J Drug Deliv Ther (001-012)
In-vitro Investigation on Antimicrobial Activity of Gloriosa superba Linn Tubers Against Major Food Borne Pathogens
Author(s): K Babu Rao, NP Ramesh, P Lakshmana Swamy and E Muralinath
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2012: Volume 2, Issue 5
Research Article: Eur J Exp Bio 2: (1509-1513)
Relationship between body composition with Blood Lipids profile
Author(s):  Alireza Zamani, Mohsen Akbarpour Beni, Mohsen Assar Zadeh Noosh Abadi
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2015: Volume 1, Issue 2
Expanding the Nurse Practitioner Role in Treatment Resistant Major Depression
Author(s): Travis K Svensson,Lena Miller and Courtney Hurd
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Research Article: J Clin Mol Endocrinol (08)
In Utero Exposure of Biochanin-A Alters Female Reproduction in Rat
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Craniosynostosis associated with Partial Monosomy 2q37.3 and Partial Trisomy 5q35 including MSX2
Author(s): Prof. Dr. Eva Klopocki
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Molecular Diagnosis of Lung Cancers
Author(s): Kalal Iravathy Goud
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2011: Volume 2, Issue 2
Review Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (303-314)
Human-Induced Landscape changes in the Carpathian Section of the Arges Catchment (Romania) with a special view to the Vidraru Reservoir Area
Author(s): Alexandru Nedelea, Laura Comănescu
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Case Report: J Hep (15)
Clinical and Morphological Features of Kidneys’ Damage in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C
Author(s): Golubovska O , Herasun B , Kondratiuk L , Nepomnyashchiy V , Bezrodna O , Sukach M and Hrytsko R
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Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (134-139)
Single Crystal Growth and Study of Strontium Iodate in Gel Method
Author(s): Sachin Jayaram Nandre, Rajendra Ramdas Ahire and Sharda Jagannath Shitole
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2016: Volume 4, Issue 3
Case Report: J Univer Surg (59)
Single Incision Laparoscopic Peptic Ulcer Repair with the Use Extracorporeal Mishra Knot: A Case Report
Author(s): Ross O Downes
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2016: Volume 4, Issue 2
Research Article: IPACR (75)
Alterations of KRAS Exon 2 Codon 12/13 Mutation Status in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma; Bioinformatics Aspects
Author(s): Arash Salmaninejad, Niloofar Sadeghi, Shirin Ghadami, Zahra Golchehre, Mohammad Reza Zamani and Abbas Shakoori
Abstract | PDF
A New Case of Epsilon Wave on Loop Recorder
Author(s): Fontaine GH, Waintraub X, Li G and Gandjbahch E
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Research Article: chem sin (1-5)
The study of the composition of mixed calcium strontium tartrate
Author(s): D. K. Sawant
Abstract | PDF
2014: Volume 5, Issue 3
Research Article: Adv. Appl. Sci. Res (1-4)
Volume 5, Issue 3
Author(s): Denise E. M., Udoh E. I. and Idada I.
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