Tumor is the non-specific, common term used to denote a neoplasm. Tumors are the classis signs of inflammation with lumps or swelling and they can be either classis or malignant. There are many types of tumors and hence they are named on bases of its origin. Treatment is also specific for each specific region. Related journals of Tumors Cancer, Tumor, Oncology and Cancer, Cancer Management and Research, Tumor Biology, , Cancer Biology & Research.

Epidemiology Genetics

Genetic epidemiology is the branch which deals with the role of genetic factors in determinant health and sickness in families and in populations, and therefore the interaction of such genetic factors with environmental factors.

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International journal of molecular epidemiology and Genetics(IJMG)

Translational medicine

It is a apace growing discipline in medicine analysis and aims to expedite the invention of recent diagnostic tools and treatments by employing a multi-disciplinary, extremely collaborative; "bench-to-bedside" approach.
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Journal of Translational Medicine, The Journal of Collaborative Healthcare and Translational Medicine (JCHTM),Journal of translational medicine and research,Journal of pathology and translational medicine, Journal of pathology and translational medicine

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