Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit

Individuals with this disorder find it difficulty in understanding the information of the picture or scene what they have seen. They face problems to copy or draw, problem analysis, discrimination, synthesis of visual form and spatial relations. Children are who struggle to coordinate their visual and their motor system may struggle with handwriting.
Types of Visual perceptual Issues
Visual discrimination issues
Visual figure-ground discrimination issues
Visual sequencing issues Visual-motor processing issues
Long- or short-term visual memory issues
Visual-spatial issues
Visual closure issues Letter and symbol reversal issues
Signs and symptoms:
Inability to copy information, may have reversal – p and q; n and u; w and m, complaints eye burns, prints blur while reading, struggling in cutting and pasting, closing one eye while reading, loses place frequently, irregular spacing and poor in recognizing messy words
NLD can be diagnosed by examining the Individuals with an intelligence test reviewing by a paediatric ophthalmologist, Paediatric optometrist, Neuropsychologist, Behavioural optometrist. Related disorders: ADHD, Dyspraxia, Executive Functioning, Memory.


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