Nanotechnology is a rather contemporary branch of science that encompasses study, research and application of nanoscale properties of varied elements and compounds. The underlying principle of nanotechnology innovations includes macroscale properties of substances change as the size of the particles approach nanometers. Furthermore, it has been observed that nanomaterials amplify the desirable properties of materials, which may be attributed to exponential increase in surface area or change in physical, chemical and bioactive properties of the same. Hence, nanotechnology is a revolutionary application which encompasses both physical and chemical sciences. Nanotechnology has broken all boundaries and is currently being employed for the production of highly efficient chemicals, biomolecules and any other methods and tools that may be developed on their basis. One example is the application of nanoscale elements for enhancing the contrast of MRI images. There are several more that are currently being studied and even more that are yet to be explored in future.


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