Male Infertility

Male fertility is a condition where male are not able to lead to zygote formation in a fertile female. In human, male infertility is about 40-50% and accounts for about 7% of all men. The causes are basically categorized into three type namely pre testicular (includes hormonal imbalance which happens due to tobacco smoking, DNA damage and epigenetic factors), testicular factors (it is characterized by low amount of gamete production qualitatively and quantitatively due to different factors like testicular cancer, abnormal set of chromosomes, trauma), post testicular factors (in this infertility is caused due to defective male genital system after gamete production; which happens mainly due to defect in vas deference, infection). Treatment varies according to reason; where in most cases different techniques like ICSI, IVF, IUI plays very important role. Hormonal therapies are also available where LH, FSH levels are adjusted.

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