Dyscalculia learning disability individuals who finds difficulty in identifying symbols of maths, struggling in memorizing learning numbers or manipulating the numbers, adequate instruction and normal intelligence. Dyscalculia is also known in several terms, such as Maths learning disability (MLD), Developmental Dyscalculia (DD), Acalculia, Maths Dyscalculia, Numerical Impairment, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NLD), Maths Anxiety and Maths Dyslexia.
Dyscalculia Individuals are completely inability to manage numbers and mathematical concepts. Other symptoms can also be noticed such as rules and formulas, time management, sequencing, directions, computational, reading and writing numbers, poor sense of directions and difficulties in understanding months, weeks, seasons, quarters, counting backwards, etc. In association with other developmental disorders, developmental Dyscalculia may occur such as Dyslexia or ADHD/ADD.
Dyslexia and dyscalculia may co-exit but not all the students with dyslexia will have the difficulties with mathematics. There are different types of Dyscalculia like Developmental Dyscalculia, Verbal dyscalculia, Practognostic dyscalculia, Graphical dyscalculia, Lexical dyscalculia , Operational dyscalculia.


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