Dental care

Dental care is the maintenance of the teeth i.e. brushing and flossing the teeth regularly, seeing the dentist and/or dental hygienist for regular checkups and cleanings, and eating a healthy diet. Dental Care journals are associated with the fileld of dentistry, Oral Implantology and Dental Science.

Related journals of Dental care

Dental Sciences, Dental Health, Dental Prospects, Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics, Oral Hygiene & Health, Oral Health and Dental Management.


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Recommended Conferences

  • 20th Annual World Dental Summit
    March 20-22, 2017 Rome, Italy
  • 28th Annual American Dentistry Congress
    March 20-22, 2017 Orlando, USA
  • 2nd International Conference and Expo on DentistryProsthodontics
    May 01-02, 2017 Toronto, Canada
  • 33rd International Conference on Dental Management
    September 17-19, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 29th Annual World Congress on Dental Medicine & Dentistry
    October 16-18, 2017 New York, USA
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