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    March 15-17, 2018 London, UK
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    March 29-30, 2018 ,Vienna , Austria
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    Apr 10-12, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tiago Luis Baptista da Cunha Sousa Veloso

Tiago Luis Baptista da Cunha Sousa Veloso
Neurosciences and Mental Health Department, Medical Psychology Unit, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, Portugal
2010 to present: PhD student at the third year of the Doctoral Program on Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. Responsible Institution: Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto. First year grade (curricular year): 17 (0-20). Thesis title: ?Mood, Hypertension and Target Organ Damage? Supervisor: Margarida Braga, MD PhD Co-Supervisor: Agostinho Monteiro, MD PhD 2002 ? 2008: Master Degree in Medicine Responsible Institution: Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto Final grade: 15 (0-20). Thesis title: ?HSJ ? HSDor: Avaliação do Controlo da Dor nas Enfermarias do Hospital S. João? (clinical research ? observational transversal study design, n=109). Supervisor: José Correia, MD Co-Supervisor: Margarida Barbosa, MD Final grade: 18 (0-20).2010 to present: Residency Program in General Practice/Family Medicine Institution: Primary Care Unit (PCU) Garcia de Orta, West Porto Group of Health Centres, Administração Regional de Saúde ? Norte. Supervisor: Conceição Outeirinho, MD. Clinical Rotations: General Practice/Family Medicine (PCU Garcia de Orta): 13 months; Internal Medicine (Hospital de Santo António): 4 months; Pediatrics (Hospital Maria Pia): 3 months; Obstetrics/Gynecology (Maternidade Júlio Dinis): 3 months; Psychiatry (Hospital de Santo António/ Community Unit Gondomar): 3 months; Cardiology (Hospital de Santo António): 2 months; Dermatology (Hospital de Santo António): 2 months; Emergency Department (Hospital de Santo António): 8 months (once a week).
Research Interest
Mood, Hypertension and Target Organ Damage

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