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Shaimaa Ahmed ElShebiney

Shaimaa Ahmed ElShebiney
Researcher, Department of Narcotics, Poisons, and Ergogenic aids, NRC, Egypt.
My name is Shaimaa Ahmed ElShebiney, ORCID 0000-0003-3927-7464. Researcher in Narcotics, Ergogenics, and Poisons department-National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. I concentrate on the neurochemistry of drugs, in particular drugs of abuse. I?ve got my M.Sc. degree from Cairo University on 2009 and my Ph.D. on 2014 in pharmacology and toxicology. I have worked on the effects of marijuana or cannabis sativa in Parkinson?s disease and also searched for alternative therapies such as herbs or acupuncture. Besides, I have investigated the toxicological effects of some illicit powders. I have experience in neurochemistry, behavioral pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biochemistry, and hepatic fibrosis. Recently, I am directing my research interest to drugs affecting the addiction cellular components. I hope we can diminish the abuse phenomenon through creating stronger minds.
Research Interest
Drugs affecting the addiction cellular components, neurochemistry, behavioral pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biochemistry, and hepatic fibrosis

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