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Osama El Razaky

Osama El Razaky
Egyptian Pediatric Cardiology Association, Tanta Uneversity, Egypt
Osama El Razaky had completed MD Pediatric at age of 32 years from Tanta Universty .He had postdoctoral studies in cardiac deformation.He is a head of Egyptian Pediatric Cardiology Association and a member of Egyptian universities promotion committee(Professor of Paediatrics'). Member of European Association of CardioVascular Imaging (EACVI).He now acting as a profesior of Pediatric (Cardiology Unit ) in Tanta Uneversity.He has published 20 papers in international journal and has been serving as a Reviewer for Acta Paediatric. Member of European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI). An editor of journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular science; Novel Techniques in Nutrition & Food Science and Journal of Cardiology & Vascular Research. He was a supervisior of 100 MS and 25 MD thesis in Pediatrics.He working as echographer in Pediatrics since 25 years. His main interst in pediatric echocardiography especially:TDI,STIand3DStrain.
Research Interest
Cardiology and Cardiovascular science

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