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Luigi Montano

Luigi Montano Luigi Montano
M.D, Eco Food Fertility project, Italy
Luigi Montano, MD, Uro Andrologist, has his expertise in Environmental Pathology and his interest is focused on the reproductive health in high environmental risk areas. In fact, he is the creator and Coordinator of Eco Food Fertility project ( - a multicenter, multidisciplinary research connecting human life-style and dietary habits to the environmental consequences of exposure to pollutants with the aim of: i) developing a better understanding of the environmental impact of pollutants on healthy humans in areas with different environmental impacts; ii) use human semen as an early and sensitive biomarker of environmental exposure to pollutants; iii) identify dietary approaches and/or detoxifying therapy in order to improve the human semen quality in healthy men who living in polluted areas. The project is starting up in several environmental risk areas of Italy and draw up a new model of research for Environmental Impact Assessment and for Primary Prevention of Risk Areas.
Research Interest
Reproductive health in high environmental risk areas, Food Fertility, Environmental Pathology