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    June 20-21, 2018 Oslo, Norway
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    September 11-12, London, UK
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    Nov 12-13, Melbourne, Australia

L. Blue Cameron

L. Blue Cameron
Associate Professor, Geneva University, USA.
I grew up with two brothers and three sisters in a single-parent home. We had no money. I later received BS and PhD from Geneva University. I trained with the Drs. Paul T. Wesley and Nikolina C. Dobreva. That is when I discovered stem cells in bird eye balls. I have been doing that work ever since. I also develop new horticultural interests. I am recipient of the Budgerigar Research Prize. My hobbies include eating (too much!) and singing (probably too much too!).
Research Interest
My research interest is stem cells and horticultural dynamics. What do stem cells do, and how we can make them do what we want them to do (programming, control, measurement, etc.). Stem cells in the bird eye ball are the most popular model. We are developing new robotics and mechanisms.

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