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Aroyeun Shamsideen Olusegun

Aroyeun Shamsideen Olusegun Aroyeun Shamsideen Olusegun
Ph.D, Food Microbiology, Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Nigeria.
Dr. Aroyeun Shamsideen Olusegun currently working in Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. Completed his Ph. D in Food Microbiology /Safety from University of Ibadan in 2008, Nigeria. M.Sc in Food Technology from University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2000. Career-long relevant experience, working on reduction of aflatoxins and ochratoxin A using essential oils of Aframoum danielli in cocoa powder, cocoa beans and chocolate since 2006. He is the Member of International organization for standardization. Active scientists in REFILS (Rural Extension, Farmers Inputs Linkages System).
Research Interest
Food Microbiology, Safety, Food Technology