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The effects of different levels Certiselen-E supplementation on performance and immune response of laying hens during high environmental temperature

The aim of this study was to determine effects of liquid supplement of vitamin E and Selenium (Certiselen E®) on performance and immune response of laying hens during high environmental temperature. A total number of 144 white Lohman LSL-Lite laying hens at 63 weeks of age divided into 24 cages. Four levels of Certiselen-E supplement including zero (T1 or control), 0.5 (T2), 0.75 (T3) and 1.0 (T4) ml per liter of drinking water with 6 replicates (n=6) were used during 4-week trial period. The hens performance including hen-day egg production % , feed intake, egg mass (g/hen/day) and feed conversion ratio (FCR, g feed: g egg) was measured. Antibody production against sheep red blood cells (SRBC) also was measured. The general linear model procedure of SAS software was used for data analysis and differences among treatment means determined using the Duncan’s multiple-range test. The results showed that the inclusion of Certiselen-E had a significant effect on production performance of laying hens (P<0.05). In addition Certiselen-E supplements improved immune response of laying hens and a more positive effect was observed when 1 ml/L added to the drinking water. From the results of the present experiment it could be concluded that utilisation of Certiselen-E in drinking water were effective for improving the performance and immune system of laying hens.

Author(s): Nasroallah Moradi Kor, Tahereh Amirshekari and Ramin Farhadi

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