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The effect of an isotonic training program on strength of quadriceps muscles in aging

The purpose of this study was to assessment of the effect of strength training (isotonic) like Nautilus equipment (in water and on land) on quadriceps muscles in knee extension to 45 and 90 degree.175 older men (50-60 ages) participated in this research that 60 subject selected between them and then divided to three groups: control, training on land and training in water. The subjects volunteer to participate in study. The essential purpose of this research was to assessment of the effect isotonic training on static strength quadriceps muscle and the study about the effect isometric training was performed in the past. Muscle strength was measured by tensiometer (pre test and post test) in the 45 and 90 degree of extension of knee. exercise program included: 3 sessions in a week and for 5 continuous week (15 sessions) and three sets per-session with ten repetition (Mac Kwien).Before beginning any exercise(with Mac Kwien method)subjects performed callisthenics and stretching exercise as warm-up, and consulted with his personal physician before of test program (during tests physician presented). The results from the t test student and ANOVA indicated: 1) Training on the land and in water had significant effect on quadriceps muscle strength extension 45 and 90 degree of the knee and 2) Training on the land had more effect on quadriceps muscle strength on extension of knee joint. The comparison of the water group shows a little increasing in post test phase which is not statistically significant. Our finding suggest that isotonic strength training may also induce central nervous system changes, which can increase the number of motor units recruited, alter motor neuron firing rates, enhance motor unit synchronization during a particular movement pattern and result in the removal of neural inhibition. So we need more studies details about isotonic exercises its effect and its various methods.

Author(s): Alireza Rahimi, Vahideh Safaeinejad, Soroush Rahimi, Mahdi Kasbparast and Alireza Shkrgozar

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