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Studies on biochemical components of the larval haemolymph, fat body and silkgland of tropical tasar silkworm, Anthereae mylitta Drury (Daba T.V) under cold stress condition

Anthereae mylitta Drury(Daba T.V.) produces tasar silk and is an endemic species of the Indian subcontinent exposed to low temperatures during winter season. The present study has been carried out on cold-stressed 5th instar Daba T.V larvae to analyze the mortality rate, variations in the biomolecules like protein, carbohydrate and enzymes like Glutamic pyruvic transaminase (GPT) and Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (GOT) in haemolymph, fat body and silk gland under 3,5 and 7 days of cold stress.The results revealed that exposure to low temperatures (10oC ± 1oC) for seven days leads to 100% mortality, five days exposure caused 54% mortality and two days exposure resulted in 22% mortality after returning the larvae to normal temperature. The exposure of Daba T.V larvae to low temperatures for different durations resulted in increased protein content (21-67%) in the haemolymph and decreased in fat body (8-27%),silk gland(10-27%) in comparison with control group reared at 28oC ± 2oC.The cold stressed larvae has shown a reduction in the carbohydrate content(11-35%) in haemolymph and fat body(5-13%) whereas increased in the silk gland(13-43%).The activities of GPT(19-48%) and GOT(17- 57%) decreased in haemolymph but GPT increased in fat body(9-20%) and silk gland(59-196%).Whereas GOT activity decreased in the fat body (4-11%) and increased in silk gland(29-122%).

Author(s): Lakshmi Velide

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