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Occurrence of the Two Endocrine Disruptors Octocrylene and Nonylphenoxyacetic Acid in Four Chinese Aquatic Systems

Worldwide the emergence of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment is of growing scientific concern. The aim of the presentstudy wasto determine the occurrence and distribution of two endocrine disrupting chemicals, octocrylene (UV-filter) and nonylphenoxyacetic acid (non-ionic surfactant metabolite), in two Chinese rivers (Huangpu and Pearl River). Additionally, a focus was put on their occurrence in the marine ecosystems of the East and South China Sea. Surface and bottom water samples were taken from Pearl River, East and South China Sea using go-flow bottles. From the Huangpu River grab surface water samples were taken at the river bank. All samples were enriched via solid-phase extraction and analyzedwith liquid chromatography tandemmassspectrometry.Octocrylenewas detected in all four analyzed water systems at a low ng/L range from not detected to 30 ng/L in surface and bottom water samples. Its occurrence at the off-shore stations in the South China Sea indicate that octocrylene can be transported over a long distance. Nonylphenoxyacetic acid was detected at a higher ng/L range (not detected-658.3 ng/L) than octocrylene in three of the four Chinese water systems in surface and bottom water samples. It was not found in the South China Sea. The risk assessment indicates that right now only nonylphenoxyacetic acid poses a medium risk to aquatic organisms in the Huangpu and Pearl River.

Author(s): Kathrin Fisch, Bo Li , Qianyong Liang , Yufeng Wang , Yugen Ni , Kai Liang , Meng Zhou , Joanna J Waniek and Detlef E Schulz-Bull

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