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Levels of Serum Matrix Metalloprotease-12 and Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloprotease-3 in Patients with Essential Hypertension and Heart Failure with Mid- Range Ejection Fraction

Background: The aim of our study was to: (1) Determine levels of matrix metalloprotease-12 (MMP-12) and tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloprotease -12 (TIMP-3) in patients with arterial hypertension (AH) and heart failure with midrange ejection fraction (HfmrEF) and (2) to compare their levels with healthy controls. Methods: 56 patients with AH and HfmrEF were examined, mean age 65.62 ± 9.69 (Group 1); and healthy subjects for controls (n=12), mean age 56.4 ± 5.53 (Group 2). 41 of patients were with hypertensive mediated organ damage and 15 were without. ELISA was used for measuring MMP-12 and TIMP-3. Results: Serum MMP-12 levels were statistically significantly lower in patients, than in controls: 0.0033 (0.0022 ÷ 0.0071) vs. 0.0075 (0.0068 ÷ 0.016) (KW=7.37; p=0.006). MMP-12 showed correlation with treatment with ACE (r=0.48; p=0.005) and ARB (r=-0.33; p=0.05); BMI (r=0.33; p=0.05), MMP-12 and grade of AH (r=0.28; p=0.03); MMP- 12 and statin (r=-0.30; p=0.02). TIMP-3 levels in patients were lower- 5.051 (2.062 ÷ 10.463) than controls 6.460 (1.007 ÷ 12.520) (p<0.05), but not significantly. TIMP3 showed correlation with grade of AH (r=0.85; p=0.02) and PLVW (r=-0.40; p=0.03). Conclusions: Our results show correlation between serum TIMP-3, MMP-12 levels and grade of arterial hypertension in patients with HfmrEF. TIMP-3 and MMP-12 might be eventually used as markers for control of AH. We suggest that MMP- 12 and TIMP-3 are associated with development and progression of hypertensive mediated organ damage.

Author(s): Asparuh Nikolov*, Maria Tzekova, Alexander Blazhev, Konstantin Kostov, Ana Kostadinovska and Nikolay Garev

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