Effect of Shrishadyavaleh with Virechana for Tamakaswasa W.S.R. Bronchial Ashtma relating to Children and Adult Health

Bronchial asthma is commonly called as asthma, is a chronic disease of respiratory tract which is associated with inflammation of the airways of the lungs that causes coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

Since, asthma is caused by inflamed airways. Swelling and muscle tightness can cause the airways to become narrow, thus limiting the supply of air to the lungs. This makes it hard for the person to breathe which eventually leads to an asthma attack.

Patients were selected based on presence of classical symptoms these divided into two group gives them Shrishadyavaleh with Virechana at dose dependent manner.

As, this is concluded that the effect of Shrishadyavaleh With Virechana on asthma is useful to cure in elevation manner.

Author(s): Vihar R Bidwai1, Sanjay P Gumble, Pradip O Pandao, Shailesh Pawade

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