Colorimetric Estimation for Salbutamol-sulphate in Pure Form and in Different Types of Pharmaceutical

A new sensitive, simple and accurate colorimetric approach is suggested of the estimation of salbutamol sulphate drug in pure form, also in different types of pharmaceutical. The approach is established on the conjunction of salbutamol (SLB) drug and the reagent 4-aminoantipyrine (4-AAP) reagent in basic medium to obtain a newly ligand that reacts with cobalt (II) to produce highly intensity red colour complex at 60°C. The water soluble dye is stable and estimated colorimetric ally with maximum absorption at 500 nm. The calibration curve between the concentration and the absorbance shows that the range of concentration was applied by the Beer’s law between 2-60 μg/mL. The optimization of the experiential circumstances is examined. The precision and the accuracy for the approach are tested by the average relative standard deviation values (1.32%) and the average recovery values (100.23%) respectively. That it is based on the concentration. The approach sensitivity is obtained by molar absorptivity (0.6558×104 l.cm-1.mol-1). The sensitivity of Sandell is calculated (0.036 μg.cm-2). The analytical data for the approach is matched with the standard method. The general interference from drug additives was examined. The suggested approach is successfully applied on the estimation of SLB in various types of pharmaceutical.

Author(s): Mohauman Mohammad AL-Rufaie, Aymen Abdul Rasool Jawad and Hawraa Mohammed Sadiq

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