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An Overview and Approach towards Autism and its Management in Ayurveda

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that tremendously impacts the normal functioning of brain, challenging child development particularly in the field of language and communication, social and emotion with presence of unusually strong narrow interest and personal occupation by the repetitive stereotype mannerism.

The disorder that usually becomes evident during the first three years of life. Ayurvedic literatures throws light on etiopathogenesis, presentation along with prophylactic and some specific measures for management of such disorders.

After summarizing scattered references on Autism, it is clear that previous deeds (Poorvajanit karma), (Maithuna charya of parents). The time of conception, the mind of parents, position of parents during coitus, mithyaaharavihara, followed lead to deranged mental growth (Garbhopaghatkar bhava) leads to impaired development of brain and mind (Doshas and Panchamahabhutas) vitiation of kapha and tamoguna as well as vata and rajo guna leads to genetic abnormality beejadusti (Abnomal Garbhinicharya). The mental status of mother plays an important role for both physical and mental development of child. Currently available treatment in conventional system of medicine is Pallative, while in Ayurveda Specific Medhya Rasayana can play a vital role in treatment of autism.

Author(s): Prashant L Patil, Pravin W Bonde

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